Day 2: Wildflower Garden

Ben works on Mike’s drive train before our rollout. The promised 11-28 rear cassette turns out to be 11-25. Plus the front derailleur keeps throwing the chain. #sicilybikerentalsucks

Riding through wildflowers was the story of the day.

Charles and wildflowers

Wind turbine farm helps electrify central Sicily.

The scenery was constantly spectacular, including hilltop towns like this one….

…and long vistas like this.

But nothing beat the wildflowers. Does Sicily have a Director of Roadside Gardens?


We loaded up our gear, mounted our bikes and picked our way through morning traffic behind the Andiamo van out of Siracusa.  Our destination:  Caltagirone, a legendary ceramics town in central Sicily.

We climbed 2,000 feet from the coast onto the central plateau, then wound our way up and down long ridges toward Caltagirone.  Wildfllowers lined the roads, filled the valleys and scented the air.  May must be the right month because all of Sicily is a wildflower garden. We rolled up to our hotel at 3 PM and prepared to check out Caltagirone for dinner.  (64 mi., 6,000 ft.)



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