Caltagirone is famous for the 142 steps leading up to its Duomo (main cathedral). Taking this photo does not mean I climbed them!

Caltagirone ceramics: historic style, pretty display, candidate for your home?

On to the fun stuff in Caltagirone–who says you need a flat grassy playground?

Cars and old cities fight for space in an uneasy alliance. This is a key piazza in Caltagirone.

Urban harvest–orange trees as street trees. Note the small soil area.

We stayed the night in Caltagirone, a prosperous historic town in the center of Sicily.  Its prosperity was established by it’s location midway on the road between Paloma, on the north coast, and Siracusa, on the east coast, and it reached prominence during the Arab epoch, gaining its name from Arabic, meaning “Castle of Pottery Jars.”  It has remained the home of an Arabic population long after Arab rule ended, and today it is famous for its ceramics, descended from generations of Arab craftspeople.


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  1. Jack, you should become a travel writer/photographer! Your photos and writing makes one want to go and experience the country. Maybe combine it with leading a bike tour.
    Hope all is going well. Look forward to hearing about it in person!

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