Day 1: Noto, Birthplace of Gelato

Sicilian scenery: an abandoned villa in the hills near Antico Not

We pedaled out of Siracusa away from the Mediterranean up a long grade onto a rocky escarpment toward the historic ruin of Antico Noto (Old Noto).  Antico Noto was famous in its day, rumored to be a stopover for Hercules as he returned from his seven impossible tasks.  A major earthquake in 1693 destroyed Antico Noto and surrounding towns, leaving it today as a majestic ruin and World Heritage Site.




Cyclist conquers Antico Noto

Wildflowers amid the ruins. In fact, wildflowers line the roads and fill the fields as if all of Sicily is a flower garden.

Antico Noto detail.

Afterward we moseyed onward 5 km into today’s Noto, claimed by some to be the birthplace of gelato (NOT the only town to make this claim!).  We ate pizza at shaded cafe tables, then took it on ourselves to explore the authenticity of the town’s gelato claim.  Afterward, we remounted our bikes, picked up a tailwind and sped back to Siracusa on busy roads.  (60 mi., 3,100 ft)

Bear for lunch.

At lunch in Noto. Pat had to pay to get the parakeet out of his hair.


Our gelato expert: Howie blesses Noto gelato. It’s a bad day when Howie manages fewer than 2 gelato stops!


Day 1: Noto, Birthplace of Gelato — 3 Comments

  1. Sounds like a great ride with a GREAT GELATO finish! Wish you could bring some home.
    The ‘Bird in the hair’ trick sounds like a great way for a kid to make some money from the tourists!

    Keep the pictures and stories coming.

  2. Only you Pat would have a parakeet on his head! Love it. Looks like fun times for everyone! Enjoy and stay safe!

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