Wedding 2: Hindu Ceremony, Part 1

Shrigley Hall, site of the Hindu ceremony. It’s a former family estate, later a boarding school, now a country house resort and getaway.

The Hindu wedding started at 11 AM Sunday with 150 or so family members and guests gathered in a private room at Shrigley Hall.  A priest began meditation and chanting in Sanskrit, pausing from time to time to explain to western guests, in what quickly became a moving, memorable and spectacular experience.   Written explanations were also provided in a program.  

Nick and Abhi (brother-in-law) ready for ceremony.

The service was highly ceremonial, but never formal, as guests continuously moved about, chatted, snapped photos and joined in with ululations and conch shell horns as called for.  It was simultaneously a holy ceremony and group celebration.  I won’t attempt to capture it’s symbolism and richness, but let’s see if photos can capture some of the spirit.

Dale in sari and Jay in kurta, ready for wedding.

There can be no doubt: Nick and Aditi are married!




Betsy in sari.

Sarah helps dad with last minute adjustment.

The priest prepares the dais for the ceremony.

Assembled guests



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