Wedding to Wedding

“Knees Up” was Friday night’s theme for the younger crowd. The Hoxton has great breakfasts, BTW, for those who get up early enough (like us!).






Lucy, Dusty, Nick and Aditi manage smiles despite little sleep



The Sun Pavilion closed doors at midnight Friday, which meant the younger celebrants had to move the party into Harrogate proper before finally winding down at 5 AM Saturday.  The kids looked a little worse for wear at 11 AM but were still smiling as the entourage loaded up cars and headed for Stockport, home of Aditi’s parents, to prepare for Sunday’s Hindu ceremony

The barbershop quartet gave the wedding party a final impromptu sendoff in the hotel lobby before the chaps headed off to their competition.

Aditi’s parents, Geeta and Deb Das, have tremendous stamina.  How else to explain their hospitality as they packed up one wedding venue, then opened their home to 50 family members for henna tattooing, cleansing rituals and an Indian dinner, before prepping for a second wedding venue?

Betsy’s henna and bangles

The rituals were a convivial, family-and-friend affair that took most of the afternoon.  After an expansive dinner of Indian food, we wrapped up at the Das’ house just before 10 PM Saturday night and Deb drove Betsy and I to Shrigley Hall where we would be staying–and the site of the next morning’s Hindu ceremony.  He was transporting holy sand and other ceremonial accessories as well as us.

To the medicare crowd, “Knees Up Mother Brown” was playing on a continuous loop…



At the Das’ house, Aditi’s aunts and sister-in-law help her prepare for tomorrow’s Hindu ceremony.


Henna tattoos





Finishing touches

Betsy cleanses Nick with turmeric paste












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