Mary Ellen and Betsy

We glided into AMS a few minutes early just as we discovered we had left our trip itinerary and assorted maps at home.  Oops, fumble!  It didn’t matter though, as we proceeded through passport check and baggage pickup and immediately connected with Mark and Mary Ellen, our old friends and travel companions.  They knew how to get to the Road Scholar rendezvous point, which was the only critical information for now.

MarkAfter hugs and some quick catch-up, we found our tour leader, Joppe, and greeted our traveler companions for the week.  There are 11 of us plus Joppe, a nice small group.  A short while later, we were on a bus, headed for Schoorl near the Holland coast.  But first, we stopped at a replica of a Dutch village to see some sights and get lunch.


Arrival — 2 Comments

  1. Well, we’re out of the Amazon jungle (Peru) and back to electricity and internet, so now we can enjoy your blog posts. Glad you didn’t need the itinerary and maps that you left at home!

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