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Ferry boats were often quite luxurious, with some interiors that looked like comfortable bars. Linda and Ken enjoy the scenery.

Jack and I talked about a European vacation with cycling friends. One option —- river boat or mini-cruise ships going island-hopping —- didn’t appeal to me with my propensity for motion sickness and claustrophobia. A linear bike trip would mean riding from one hotel to another, with a different hotel each night. Ugh.

Island-hopping with 2- and 3-night stays in hotels? That sounded ideal! Thus evolved the Andiamo bike trip with multiple nights in each hotel and short ferry boat rides that carried vans and bikes below. Perfect for us landlubbers!

Muscle/mechanic Ben secures bikes atop Andiamo van.  The behind-the-scenes work done by the Andiamo team is daunting but very appreciated.  (Photo by Linda Rosskopf)

Loading bikes meant removing 14 wheels, hoisting frames to the top, locking in and cabling each bike. Ben kept his cool and his balance atop the van; Mike, Josko, and Laura disassembled, hoisted, then reassembled bikes on the ground. (Photo by Linda Rosskopf)




A map  shows routes for days 2, 3, and 4 with options. Great side trips were added, too. Mike honored our leg capacity with an end-of-the-ride climb on day 2!

The map on Linda’s new Croatian jersey came in handy!


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