Day 5 – Korcula

A quiet harbor morning as the ferry approaches.

The sun was rising over the water again on Thursday morning as we ate breakfast and caught another ferry—the 8:30 AM ferry across the narrow straits from Orebic to the island of Korcula.  We drove to the little town of Pupnat in the center of the island, mounted our bikes and began a loop ride toward the sea.  As always, we had spectacular views to the Adriatic before leaving the main road for a narrow track that wound through vineyards. 

Marla, Scott and Jeff find another reason to smile.

Vineyard Ride Video (try clicking thumbnail, else click text link below

After rejoining the main road, we climbed 4 km back toward the center of the island, looped downward to the vineyard road once again and, after another 3 km climb, descended to the sea to a secluded cove for lunch. 

Always the Adriatic nearby….

Scott storms the final meters of a steep pitch. For fun, a few of us added a narrow road option that featured a 2 km, 10% climb.










One last view…

We biked down a very steep road to a little cove for a picnic. The little cove had a beach for swimming.















That ended our day on bikes and left just enough time for a tour of the historic town of Korcula before taking the ferry back across the straits to Orebic.

Beach cove panorama…

Our host, Maria, offered a choice of 4 homemade brandies to start: cherry, herbal, loquat and a highly-distilled something Josko called “rocket fuel.”










Back at Hotel Indijan, we relaxed for an hour before Mike threw an exclamation point at us:  a special lamb peka dinner at a farm atop a mountain overlooking Orebic and the straits. (52 km, 700 m)

We ate on an open farmhouse porch overlooking the Adriatic (to right, in the darkness for this photo)







Fresh fish carpaccio with special sauce was among the delicacies. Maria also served us a pasta with truffles that she finds and digs herself.


Lamb Peka, cooked for hours in an open fire, the centerpiece of a sensational meal.



Day 5 – Korcula — 4 Comments

  1. Ok Jack, now you are just being cruel. We have loved your blog and the photos, but now you show us the gastronomical side of the trip that leaves us drooling. This has to be one of the best trips you guys have ever taken! And no trip would be complete without you ‘boys’ finding a few extra km’s to ride and climb.

  2. Those of us stuck in the rain soaked mountains of NC find it difficult to read your blogs! We can’t wait for your trip to end so we can get back to our everyday life and quit living vicariously through you all. (Just kidding!) Keep sending those blogs.

    The food, the scenery, everything about this trip looks great.

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