Day 4–Across Hvar

Mike giving clear instructions as we prepare to ride: be to the ferry dock by noon!

On Wednesday we had a ferry to catch at precisely 12:30 PM in Sucuraj on the far end of Hvar Island, and a 52 km bike ride to get there, so we packed, loaded and transferred out of Hvar Town past the busy roads to the central highlands.  We parked, set up our bikes and began pedaling down the mountainous spine of Hvar. 

It was a straight-forward ride with some ups and downs and continuous views to the blue Adriatic, sometimes on our right, sometimes on our left. 

Did we mention “views to the Adriatic?”


We made the ferry with 30 minutes to spare.  Then we crossed to the mainland, took a second ferry to the Peljesac Peninsula and drove to the town of Orebic and Hotel Indijan.   (55 km, 600 m)

A lone Mediterranean Cypress stands as sentinel along the high central spine of Hvar.

Living off the land: Jeff T. replaced grapes with “strawberry tree fruit” on the ride across Hvar. It tastes more like guava than strawberry.

OK, it has another name: Maginja. It’s also known as Arbutus unedo by botanists.  But Strawberry Tree is a lot more descriptive.

The Hvar road edge is the edge–it leaves no room for a wandering wheel!

We arrived in Sucaraj with 15 minutes to spare–just enough time for a quick ride over the canal….

…to the lighthouse and a group photo.

The lighthouse from the ferry.









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