Day 3: Sicilian Alps to Cefalu


Mt. Etna hung in the distance as we left Enna and drove to our bike start.

We continued in the van until 2:30 PM, then stopped to unload our bikes for the 4 hour pedal through the Madonie Nature Reserve to the northern coast and Cefalu.  We had no idea what to expect and soon found ourselves in country that reminded us first of Tuscany and, later, as the peaks grew rockier and the vistas grander, of the Alps.  This is Sicily???  After some long climbs and longer descents, we glimpsed the Mediterranean and sailed through hairpin turns down into Cefalu after one of the most scenic days we had ever experienced on a bike.  (45 mi., 4,000 ft)

This is Sicily? We begin a long climb as we head for the northern coast.

Reload and regroup in vast valleys under rocky peaks that reminded us of the Alps (though 2,000 m. lower elevation!).

Of course, there were hilltop towns along the way…

…but mostly valleys and rocky promontories.

Mike is happy to finish the last climb and reach the descent into Cefalu.

Rick ready to bring it home, Mediterranean on horizon.




Cefalu and the Mediterranean at last.

We end the day with Howie’s daring one-handed shot as we followed the van through Cefalu to our hotel.





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