Sizergh Castle

Community gardens along the cycle path in Kendal set the tone for the day.

Some of the best destinations are those we never reach.

We pedaled south of Kendal on Wednesday toward Sizergh Castle, a tourist site with noteworthy English gardens.  It was an excuse to get into the country, and when a local described Sizergh Castle as “just a manor house, really” and we contemplated the stiff cover charge, we continued on without much conviction.  After about 7 rolling miles of cycle path and narrow country road, our pedaling slowed and we welcomed a sign to “Old Sizergh Farm” with an arrow up a side road.  It

We were soon into the country. Pretty country lanes have their perils–that is, thick hedges and stone walls tight to the edge of one-car-width paving. There’s no place to dive if a car misjudges so we were thankful to see drivers come around curves and over rises carefully.

proved to be a large working dairy with a charming farm store, just the excuse we needed for a visit to the countryside.

We turned off to reach Old Sizergh Farm.



Any place that promises a fairy crossing must be worth a visit.


Bringing in the cows for milking.

Just another farm along the way….wassup, little feller?

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