Cars and Trains

Sarah contemplates the wedding aftermath

Shrigley Hall Chapel has become a spa to serve Shrigley Hall. Someone–not a historic preservationist–forgot to take away the temporary construction entrance.

We rose on time Monday morning, enjoyed a final Shrigley Hall breakfast with Jay, Dale, Sarah, Nick, Aditi, Geeta and Deb, then headed for Kendal and the Lakes District. 

The Lakes District appears to be England’s Yellowstone, or perhaps more modestly, its Adirondacks, featuring low mountains (3,000 ft) and natural lakes.  It is one of the most popular holiday trips, and we had just learned that Monday is a “bank holiday”, and that most schools would be out for the remainder of the week.  We love off-peak travel, but it seemed the Lakes District would be expecting more visitors than just us.  

We arranged a taxi to take us to a nearby train station, and the taxi driver, anticipating a slow day, offered to drive us all the way to Kendal for a special rate.  It would be so easy….no luggage transfers….speedy direct route….country scenery on a calm sunny morning….that we did a quick calculation and decided, why not?  The train would cost $100 for two, the taxi $250, and we’d save an hour and unforeseeable complications and enjoy the country.

Atlantans may feel reassured to know there is car congestion on 3 lane expressways in rural northern England.

After winding through the country for 30 minutes, we passed the train station and hit the “motorway”—i.e. expressway.  Whereupon we spent the next 2 hours amid heavy traffic and typical freeway views before finally exiting for Kendal.  In the end, we saved 15 minutes for our $150 investment and an I-75 experience.

The taxi driver is pleased with the ride results.

Arrived–the Riverside Hotel on the Kent River in historic Kendal.





We will opt for the certainty and minor inconvenience of a train transfer when we return to Manchester airport on Friday! 

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