The Case of the Missing Shoes

Amid the marriage ceremony, a sudden row worthy of the WWF broke out amid assembled friends and family.  I could not get close enough for a photo, but Dusty was on the floor, struggling, as a throng of younger celebrants shouted, pushed, pulled and pummeled him.  When the melee subsided, Dusty was barefoot.  The ceremonial shoes had been given to him by Nick so this was obvious a serious matter—he had lost the groom’s shoes!  Dusty retook to his seat in disgrace.  Would the shoes ever be recovered?

Dusty at a loss to explain how he lost the shoes….

After the ceremony, Nick conducts a raucous negotiation with the bride’s friends for return of his shoes.


Aditi saves the day with cash to ransom back the shoes. Note pictures of wedding party members on the bills.

It turns out his loss has a name—Joota Chupai—and the theft was premeditated by friends of the bride, who then go on to hide the shoes.  It’s a light-hearted game meant to show the acceptance and open hearts of both sides of the family and how willing and ready they are to share lifetime of laughter and fun together.


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  1. This is one of my favorite photos of wonderful Aditi! Her energy, beauty, brightness, humor, and intelligence is captured in this snapshot! We Eggers’ clan are lucky ducks to have a woman of her many talents and kind heart join our ranks! Congratulations, Nick, and welcome to the family, Aditi!

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