Preparing The Sun Pavilion

A small piece of Valley Gardens, home of wedding site The Sun Pavilion

The wisteria proves Valley Gardens has a history.








Promenade leading to The Sun Pavilion





The wedding setup was well along when we arrived.

The bride-to-be intent on preparations.

A family affair: mom, dad, niece and cousin working on decorations.




Father Dev, newly retired physician, taking time to chat about Hindus and Quakers


Brother Aji and his daughters, Anya and Maya, work on a system for blowing up balloons

Two more physicians in a family of physicians, Aditi and mom, Geeta, making a decision.

Aditi saw this shot–when you can’t photograph the glass dome directly, look for a spoon.






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  1. Great photos Bets! Thanks for giving those of us back home a feel for the place and the family. I loved the picture of Dev….with that big smile he looks like such a sweetie pie. And seeing Aditi’s brother and little girls….very nice….what a terrific extended family. I did not know that the whole family were doctors…..all I could think of was all of the collective studying and hard work and top grades….whew….that be a lot of discipline and determination. Very impressive! Wish I could teleport myself over there for a day or two! Thanks again for thinking of us back home.

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