Boyz on the Run: Sicily


Ready to roll Sicily: Todd, Charles, Howie, Jack, Rick, Pat, (Mike–where’s Mike?)

After a three year pause, the Bike Boyz are off to Europe once again–this time to Sicily.  We’re older, slower, and still in pursuit of our juvenile dreams of freedom on a bike.  The mountains are taller, the gearing smaller, the daily mileage lower.  Morning starts have moved back a half-hour and wine consumption ends with a bottle or two.  Whatever our reductions, our spirits are strong and camaraderie intact.  Let’s do this!  To Mt. Etna and beyond!

For bike or touring geeks, here’s our itinerary.

Sicily, major towns. Mt Etna is the green park between Catania and Taormina.

Our general movement: we start in Siracusa, end in Taormina

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