Fondo Leopardiana Kit

On our final day, Sunday, we will ride in Fondo Leopardiana, which starts in the town of Recanati near the Adriatic Sea.  There is a Gran (81 mi.) and Medio (52 mi.) option which is likely to be the subject of some debate among us.

We thought it would be fitting to design and produce a special jersey for the occasion.  That way we’ll look like an actual cycling team–there’s our fantasy life creeping in again–and stand out in a crowd.  Thanks to Reb, an architect/graphic designer, we have a marvelous design.  It is artistic and cerebral and local, all at the same time.

Here is an explanation of the design:

Abstract Landscape in Infinity Symbol

Giacomo Leopardi, lost in thought










Fondo Leopardiana is part of Recanati’s “A Tutto Sport”, or all-sport festival, centered in Piazza G. Leopardi.  The Piazza is named after Giacomo Leopardi, a VERY famous Italian poet from the early-mid 19th century who was born in Recanati and is, therefore, a hometown hero.  His most famous work is “L’Infinito,” and that explains the infinity symbol wrapping the jersey.  In one eye of the infinity symbol, you will find an abstract landscape; in the other you will find Mr. Leopardi himself.  For good measure, we’ve included a famous quote from Mr. Leopardi that seems apt to our condition

Our Motto – “Men fear death and desire old age.”

:  “…gli uomini temono lo morte, e desiderano la vecchiezza.”  Translation:  “Men fear death and desire old age.”  Isn’t that the motto of aging cyclists?!  Basically, “don’t crash!” either on a bike or in life.  That has special meaning now that we’re in our 50’s and beyond!

Add in an Italian appreciation of color, the flag shoulder patches, and a modern stylishness, and you have a kit that is both very specific to Fondo Leopardiana and yet general to Italy.

U.S. Colors on left shoulder

Italian Flag and Map reference on right shoulder


Oh yes, and Markham has snuck a Magical Goat patch onto the shorts.  This is the secret to our ability to climb mountains on bikes.  It shimmers when touched and immediately energizes tired thigh muscles.  Some riders, though, think it’s actually a Psychedelic Goat, and that it discloses Markham’s fondness for PEDs.

The Magical Goat – secret to our mountain climbing prowess

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